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TEACH KIDS to help others

Practical Tips for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Children to Help Others

Following the below steps will help to minimize your time but maximize your child’s efforts to help others. Repeating the same deed is helpful in that it builds a pattern for your child over the years and you will become very efficient at helping your child with his or her efforts.


  1. Choose one thing to do with your child that can be repeated weekly, monthly or yearly that will develop into a pattern of learned giving. Examples are helping an elderly neighbor take out the garbage, making cards and sending them monthly to show someone that you care (such as thank you notes to school janitors or school cafeteria staff), or purchasing a new pair of sneakers annually at holiday time for a needy child.
  2. Choose something that will put your child in direct contact with the recipient of his or her giving. Examples are calling or sending a card to a grandparent, bringing new sneakers directly to a children’s shelter, or delivering books to a senior citizen home.
  3. Take photos of your child doing a caring act such as making a card, wrapping shoes or calling someone to make them feel good. Keep an album with photos and written reflections on how good your child felt to help some else. Include thank you notes from recipients.
  4. Build your child’s self-esteem by placing photos strategically throughout your home to emphasize what a good deed your child did and how proud you are of him or her.
  5. Verbalize your pride to your child and spend time reflecting on the good deed.
  6. Create a family motto that expresses the values that you want your children to learn. Post this motto or quotation in various places throughout your home as a reminder of what your family stands for.
  7. Help your child become aware of what other people in your community are doing to help others. Let this be an example of what caring people do.
  8. Let your child know that he or she is a valuable person that can help others. Start by saying to your child, "We could use your help."

Parents may also download Creating a Character of Culture through Service-Learning to get quotes, ideas and suggestions, etc. (found under Educator tab)

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