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Kindle a light in another
Muhammad Ali (from the foreword of The Biggest and Brightest Light)
“May each of your acts of caring kindle a light in another to reach out and make a difference in someone’s life. It is my hope that this story will be the spirit that sparks that desire.”

biggest and brightes light book

Supports the teaching of character
Mara Zapata, Ph.D., Director of the Partnership for Character Education, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
"Way beyond beautiful! This splendidly illustrated book is used in our district to support the teaching of character and promote a sense of empathy among our students, while integrated within our curriculum."

Quintessential example of service
Art Johnson, Ph.D., Superintendent, Palm Beach School District
“An education beyond the classroom that emphasizes the concept of helping others and a quintessential example of service to others…a must read for every child, parent, and educator in America!”

Should be required reading
Michele Borba, author and recipient of the National Educator Award
“The wonderful true story of Amanda Perlyn’s gift of caring is told in this charming picture book written or elementary school readers. It should be required reading for every child.”

Kristie Fink, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of Caring, Salt Lake City, UT
“Lovely story…I was touched by it.”

An annual read in my guidance class
Kevin Smith, Guidance Counselor, Hatcher Elementary, Ashland, KY
“All of us at Hatcher Elementary School have again listened to and learned from The Biggest and Brightest Light. At Hatcher this is becoming an annual read in my guidance classes the week before Christmas break. David Greene, my principal, and I have been invited to again speak at this summer's Southeast Character Education Conference in Chattanooga, TN. Again, our topic will be kindness and we will use your book in our presentation."

Adopted the book as our theme
Amanda Miles, Ph.D., Principal, Coral Park Elementary, Coral Springs, FL
“The heartfelt story of The Biggest and Brightest Light inspired our elementary school to adopt the book as our theme last year and focus on service-learning. Faculty, parents, and especially the children embraced the concept of helping others.”

Wonderful edition to character education
Esther Bulger, Chair, Character Education, School District of Palm Beach County, FL
“Inculcates the notion that regardless of age, circumstances or stations in life, anyone can make a difference in someone’s life. A wonderful edition to character education programs in our country, state, and nation.”

Helps us all learn a wonderful lesson
Caring Institute, Washington, DC
“The Biggest and Brightest Light helps us all learn a wonderful lesson gracefully and gently. The clear and simple message that even a small child can make a profound difference in the lives of others has meaning for both the child and adult reader. Once again, the power of caring triumphs.”

Deeply impressed
Marvin Berkowitz, Ph.D., Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education, St. Louis, MO
“Deeply impressed by the story and your dedication to kids and character development.”

Deserves to be shared
Cathryn Berger Kaye, author and National Service Learning Consultant

“A very moving story and one that deserves to be shared with many!”

Timeless tale about making a difference
Midwest Book Review

“A rich and meaningful treasure about the greatest treasure anyone can share. More than gifts or pleasantries, the biggest and brightest light is love, compassion, and the warm feeling one gets from helping someone in need, a lesson that bears remembering in this timeless tale about making a difference.”

Charming, inspiring
John Rosemond, syndicated columnist, author, and child psychologist

“Charming, inspiring…The Biggest and Brightest Light ought to be required reading in every kindergarten and first grade in America!”

Tugs at your heart and makes you feel good
Ellen Rosenberg, author and speaker

“Amanda’s gift of caring for her teacher is a gift for us all! Her story tugs at your heart, makes you feel good and inspires children to want to help others. A beautiful experience for children and adults to share…”

Helps us all learn a wonderful lesson
Caring Institute, Washington, DC

“The Biggest and Brightest Light helps us all learn a wonderful lesson gracefully and gently. The clear and simple message that even a small child can make a profound difference in the lives of others has meaning for both the child and adult reader. Once again, the power of caring triumphs.”

Most special
Sally Murphy, Bradford County Teacher of the Year, FL

“Out of all the gifts I received for being teacher of the year, yours was the most special.”

Simply wonderful
Dr. Adolph Brown, psychologist, author, and motivational speaker, Virginia Beach, VA

“Simply wonderful...inspires helpers as well as families to serve.”

Good character can impact
Kim Williams, Palm Beach County District Character Education, Palm Beach, FL

“Demonstrates how good character can impact children’s lives in special ways.”

Develops compassion and empathy
South Florida Parenting Magazine

“Refreshing to see a book depart from the traditional implication of a message through characters- often animals-and offer opportunities to assist this young age group in developing compassion and empathy by identifying with a real person.”

Colin L. Powell

“A charming story.”

Joy of giving
Editor’s Choice, South Florida Sun- Sentinel newspaper

“A warm and fuzzy tale that gives children and adults a real understanding of the joy of giving to others.”

Useful tool for discussions about value of giving
Dr. Rick Brodsky, child psychologist, New York

“Cleverly written children’s book full of teachable moments…gentle and heart-warming. Parents, teachers, and other professionals working with children will find this book to be a useful tool for facilitating discussions about the value of giving and other important life lessons.”

Addresses compassion
Barbara Wynne, Publisher, Indy’s Child

“Beautifully written and illustrated... truly addresses compassion and charitable giving.”

One small gesture of kindness
Suzie Entel, mother, Lake Placid, FL

“What a tender work of love…not only will this book touch your heart, but, over and over again it reminds us that one small gesture of kindness can last a lifetime!!! Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated…a must read for all ages.”

I will think about this book my whole life
Lauren Berman, age 5

“I read this book with my Grandma Patti. I really loved the pictures. Amanda got such good ideas to make Dr. Malko happy when she was sad. I like to make people happy too. I will think about his book for my whole life. My favorite thing is to read books and I will always remember this one. Thank you for writing it.”

Inspiring piece of children's literature
Julie Brown, elementary school teacher, Bethesda, MD

“A truly inspiring piece of children's literature. …a wonderful tool for helping parents introduce to their children the essentials of generosity and the joy of giving to others. As an elementary school teacher, I've been able to incorporate this fantastic story into our character education program. Between the vivid illustrations and Amanda's heartwarming journey, this children's book is a true gem to be cherished for years to come.”

Appeals to all generations
Katie Cooper, mother, London, England

“This heartwarming book is a beautiful and true story that will inspire parents and children alike. It is an effective tool in helping children to understand how to help others. It is rare to find a book such as this that appeals to all generations and it will definitely become a treasured gem in any child’s book collection.”

Profound impact
Leslie Rossman, Open Book Publicity, Oakland, CA

“My daughter loves, loves, loves the book and I wanted to let you know what a profound impact it had on her.”

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