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TESTIMONIALS on Marilyn Perlyn's programs

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Wonderful to catch your vision
Nick Henkle, Principal, Oak Lawn Primary, Oak Lawn, IL

"I am just so appreciative for all of the time and energy you have put into the success of our school.
It has been wonderful to catch your vision and to learn how to affect change at Lawn Manor.
Thank you again for the love you have shown our school."

Valuable day of professional development
Mara Zapata, Ph.D., Program Director for the Partnership for Character Education, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Miami, FL

"We want to thank you for having provided our Partnership in Character Education Program teachers with such a valuable day of professional development on November 15, 2007. The goal of the program that day was to have elementary teachers inspired to develop service learning projects at their schools that are truly meaningful. The goal was also to have them understand that while children are told that giving, kindness and respect is good, they need to really understand the positive impact they have when they demonstrate these values. Teachers are in a position to engage children in their communities and abroad in ways that have them experience and internalize this importance. Through your stories and activities you promoted a true sense and desire for these teachers and they are still talking about it and asking when you will come back to work with us again. Below are some quotes from participants sent via e-mail:"

"Thanks for the wonderful opportunity..."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Service Learning in-service which I was fortunate enough to attend. Mrs. Perlyn's presentation was relevant, humane, sensitive and very to the point. I enjoyed of all her ideas..."

"Mrs. Perlyn was great! My eyes were burning from crying that day. It was truly an inspiring workshop. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate and for providing such a wonderful experience."

"The workshop with Mrs. Perlyn was wonderful, sincere and moving. It is the first professional development experience I've participated in, where the presenter actually cared about what each individual participant had to say and what they were gaining from being there."

Voted the most favorite presentation
Sandy Swartz, Co-coordinator of Character Education, School District of Jefferson, Jefferson, WI

"I'm sure that you will be pleased to know that, once again, your presentation received the most favorable comments. On the first question: Which speaker did you enjoy the most? ...you received the most votes!! Congratulations and thanks for helping to make our conference top notch!" 

Dynamite of ideas of caring and compassion
Amanda Miles, Ph.D., Principal, Coral Park Elementary, Coral Springs, FL

"Phew! You are a dynamite of ideas of caring and compassion! I love that our paths are crossed. This journey is the BEST! You are truly an inspiration, Marilyn!"

By far the most enjoyable and inspiring session
David Czerepinski, Junior High School Science Teacher, Madison, WI

"I want to thank you for your presentation at the Character Education Conference I attended this week. Yours was by far the most enjoyable and inspiring session I attended. Your family is an inspiration to all of us. I wonder if we had had character education going on nation-wide in the past 30 years if we would not have a much different nation and subsequently different world. I believe that we CAN each make a difference, and you have prompted me to make it a high priority to change my own classroom and try to be an instrument of change in our school. Thank you for teaching your family, and now others, the value of selfless sacrifice for the benefit of others. Thank you again for your presentation and the example of how we can better live our lives."

Can’t say enough about the impact
Attendee at the National Center for Youth Issues,
2nd Annual Mississippi Conference Celebrating Healthy Choices for Youth, Chattanooga, TN

"I can't say enough about the impact Marilyn Perlyn had on me and on my goals as an elementary counselor. Thank you!"

Great enthusiasm, very heartwarming
Sam Jordan, Director of Operations, Boys and Girls Clubs, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"You were received by our kids with great enthusiasm and we all have terrific memories of your benevolence. It was wonderful that you shared with them your own story from your new book about your daughter. It was very heartwarming. It taught the children a very valuable lesson from which they will benefit for years to come. The kids' favorite part was definitely your initiative in helping out the Cooperative Feeding Program and assisting the kids in making gift bags. They loved getting to help others in their own creative way."

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